Sheri and I were both wearing protective jackets when we had our accident with the deer this week.  Both Fieldsheer.  Mine was perforated leather and hers was textile.  Both had back, elbow, and shoulder armor.  The shoulder armor on Sheri’s jacket was definitely on the thin side but that didn’t turn out to be an issue in this case.  What did turn out to be and issue for her was the fit of her jacket.

She has complained with some of the other jackets she owned that they were too tight and restricting.  This one fit looser and didn’t make her feel bound up.  That meant more comfort for her.  Comfort is great, but not at the expense of protection we found.  The jacket was probably about one size too big, this allowed the armor to move around and when she hit the pavement, move out of the way and allow the road to grind through the jacket and onto her skin.

Elbow armor moved, allowing the jacket to wear through the elbow and to the skin.  Make sure your jacket fits properly.

While her wear point was the elbow, mine was the shoulder.  Through the leather and through to the armor.

Shoulder worn through to the armor

See how the jackets wore, and the impact that each jacket had on our injuries.