Probably for the next week or so most of my posts here will deal with the crash on 6/24 and its effects.  We are 3 days out now and am feeling somewhat better.  The broken finger hurts less and so does the shoulder.  Today is to be my last day in the sling… Will probably be on the Advil for a good time more than that.

Today I wanted to focus for a bit on the condition of the K1600 GTL.  Immediately after the crash I was too concerned about Sheri to spend much time looking the bike over.  It wasn’t until the next day that I got to the wrecking yard to check it out and retrieve my luggage and personal items.  The bike was backed into a garage at Big Tow so I saw the front first.  Most of the front cowling was broken lose from each other, both mirrors were torn off, the aftermarket headlight protector was missing and the the front suspension covers were just hanging there.  There was what appeared to be coolant and brake fluid sitting on the ground and front wheel.

You can see that the whole front cowling is pushed in and damaged.  The pine straw must have been in the road because I don’t recall seeing the bike in the ditch, but I guess I could be wrong. There is damage to the cooling system for sure as there is coolant all over the components on the front end.

The majority of the damage is on the right side of the bike, which fits what I remember about the event.  The deer came from the right, hit the motorcycle, and I felt it moving left and the bottom coming out from under me before I went down.  The Wunderlich engine guards and Ilium Works footpegs show a bunch of grinding, keeping the damage down on the bike and engine I’m sure.  I can’t tell if the mounting bolts broke off the guard or not.  I didn’t have the strength to pull on it at the time I had the opportunity to look at it.  You can see the right fog light wasn’t damage, which is a testament to the strength to that guard.  The handlebars and break lever along with the mirror and antenna are severely damaged.  I didn’t get the rear luggage guards from Wunderlich because I didn’t really like how they looked on the bike, but I may do that after the bike is repaired or replaced.  The right saddle bag was ground all the way through but the top case didn’t appear damaged.

The port that holds the gps was open, the windshield stuck in the up position (I tried to get it to move), and I couldn’t get the bike shifted into neutral to see if the bike would start.

The left side also took some damage, but not nearly the amount that the right side did.  I’m grateful that both Sheri and I cleared the bike and weren’t pinned under the machine.

The left side engine guard and foot peg are bent in, and the peg is rotated in, but that did seem to save much of the cowling on that side from a bunch of damage.  There is also scraping on the left seaddlebag exterior but nothing nearly like on the right inside.  The other thing. You can see in the picture below is that the right hand passenger arm rest had the front worn off, I assume from contact with the pavement.

So I’m waiting on the insurance company to take a look at it and make a determination as to wether they will repair or replace the bike.  From what I hear, these bikes are pretty expensive to repair so…