If you’ve been riding motorcycles for any time at all and read the magazines you’ve see the Lee Parks adds.  Lee is a motorcycle instructor and also sells some gear.  Back when I was riding a Honda Shadow Sabre I went to the international motorcycle show at the Rosemont Convention center to see what was new.  It was there that I discovered the gloves that would save my hands in this bike vs. deer crash.


As I state in the video, the gloves I was wearing during the crash are my third pair of Lee Parks Deer Tours Gloves.  I bought my first pair of Deer Tours at that motorcycle show, wore them for a season, then got a pair of their cold weather riding gloves as well.  The Deer Sports gloves with PCi (Phase Change lining) are killer down to about 40 degrees F for me.  Colder weather can be handled with the addition of heated liners.  Anyway, after riding my first pair of Deer Tours for about 70,000 miles across three bikes they were starting to dry out and a couple of the fingers wore through from clutch and brake lever wear.  Eight years from a pair of what were, at the time, 80 dollar gloves, sounds like a bargain to me particularly given their comfort over other gloves I’ve tried.  My wife even sewed up the holes and I use them as a backup pair on long trips.

One of the selling points for me at that show where I bought my first pair was a display of the Deer Sports gloves they had hanging up.  The sales people were explaining that they had been in a high speed crash and the rider slid on his hands with them on.  You could tell they had been across some pavement by the scrapes, but they did not wear through.  You can get studs and kevlar armor in gloves, but this one simple piece of proof was enough for me, and I’m glad it was.  My Deer Tours gloves protected my hands and I will definitely get another pair.

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