Next to your seat, your hands are your next most important connection to your bike.  Throttle, brake, clutch, turn signals, lighting controls, starter, kill switch, and any other controls such as traction control, ride height, and preload are all made with your hands. On a touring bike you will be spending hours upon hours gripping the handlebars and manipulating those controls so you want to make sure your gloves are comfortable.  You might also go down, so you want the gloves to be tough.

Finding gloves that combine comfort, dexterity, protection, looks, and cost effectiveness can be a real challenge.  Most local motorcycle shops carry one or two brands of gloves, and it seems like every brand fits differently.  You can always go to one of the online motorcycle superstores, buy, try, return, and try again OR you can go to one of the big motorcycle shows that tour the country every off-season and try on many different brands there.

That’s exactly what I did about eight years ago.  In this video I talk about some glove options, but the majority of it deals with the Lee Parks Deer Tours and Deer Sports gloves.  Take a look and PLEASE subscribe to the Youtube channel and Facebook page if you haven’t yet.  I also realize the the video is a bit off center.  I’m still refining my technique.  I also think you’ll notice the better audio in this and future videos as well as I picked up a wireless mic setup that seems to be working well.