Five weeks out I finally got the insurance company to write me a check for the totaled 2013 K1600GTL that I lost in the deer accident.  I’d been to the dealership a couple times looking at colors to try and decide what I really wanted.  It was a hard choice as none of the colors jumped out at me as the obvious choice for me.  The “Standard” choice for me would have been black.   For 2016 BMW calls it “Black Storm Metallic”

Black Storm Metallic

It was definitely a very deep, glossy black but i didn’t see much metallic in it.  When I walked into the dealer with my wife to get her opinion, this is what I thought I would walk out with.

But then she really hit me with a curve ball.  She liked the new, somewhat off-beat,  “Ocean Blue Metallic Matte” color.  I agree the color looks better in person than it does on the website.  I also like that it wasn’t a color that you see every day on bikes.  BMW has been experimenting with matte finishes on bikes for a few years now, and I applaud them for it.  One of my buddies has a 2014 R1200RT in the Metallic Gray Matte color and it looks great on that bike.  I started considering it, but I’m a polisher when it comes to my bikes.  Wipe-downs after each ride, plenty of coats of wax, 3M Pro clear bra protection, etc… I just didn’t think that the matte finish would hold up with my constant rubbing nor look good under clear bra protection.

Ocean Blue Metallic

Then I considered “Glacier Silver Metallic”.  I have always had dark colored bikes and was considering a change.  If white was an option, I may have gotten that and then added some custom striping over the top with some matching helmet graphics or something like that.  Unfortunately while the Ocean Blue looks better in person, the silver does not in my opinion.  If the whole bike was silver, or if the lower cowlings and frame were black I think it would look great.  The contrast between the dark silver to gray lower body treatments and the silver on the upper bodywork just looks bad to me.  They are too close to each other and just makes the bottom look dirty.

Glacier Silver Metallic

So now what… was really looking like it was going to be back to black until we started talking about the exclusive and all of the options I was going to be getting on the standard GTL model.  When you add them up, I would come out equal to or just slightly higher in price by getting them together in the GTL Exclusive.  The question was, did I like the ver different “Sparkling Storm Metallic” color.

Sparkling Storm Metallic – Exclusive

This color is only available on the GTL Exclusive model.  In the showroom I thought it looked very brown.  I definitely didn’t want a brown bike.  After considering the costs and options with my wife, I asked Bob Clark at BMW of Countryside to pull one out into the sun.  In the sun you get a whole new appreciation for this color.  It is deep, really deep for a factory paint job.  The base color with the metallic flecks really are a chameleon paint job depending on how the light hits it.  In the shadows it is black.  With a bit more sun it is a bronze, and in directly sunlight its almost golden.

In the end, I went with the Exclusive and couldn’t be happier.  Over the coming year I’ll accessorize the bike to get it back into touring shape so subscribe and stay tuned.  For now, it’s off to up the odometer from 45 miles to a few hundred on a day ride.

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