What a beautiful weekend for riding and working in the garage here in the midwest.  Temps in the low 80’s and humidity relatively low compared to what it can be at this time of year.  It was a great opportunity to get the clear bra installed on the Exclusive before the rains come next week and the temperatures return to the 90’s.

I’ve got some experience with various clear bra type products from various manufacturers. I’ve had kits professionally installed as well as had raw sheets applied and hand trimmed on a few different bikes I’ve had.  On the 2013 GTL I applied a kit myself to the tank area as well as the panniers and it went very well so I thought I’d jump in and share the tips I learned from the pros I watched as well as just some good sound advice on proper preparation, tools, and techniques to get the best looking end-product.

The kit that I installed in the video is one I bought from ebay seller servoppf.  It proved to be of very high quality and the pieces were cut perfectly to give maximum coverage and even wrap around some of the leading edges of the panniers, fairings, and belly pan to help minimize future issues with peeling and to maximize rock chip protection.  It also included a headlight cover that I did install, but I’m not sold on its effectiveness yet.  If you go out and research the issue of clear bra type headlight covers vs. the separately applied plastic ones from Aeroflow and Cee Bailey you’ll find a wide range of opinions.  I had the Aeroflow on my last bike and my initial inclination is to go back to it, but we’ll see. If you have any opinions please share them.

The video is an hour and fifteen minutes, but in the intro portion I’ve included a chapter menu so you can get to the parts that interest you the most.  As always, please subscribe and share.