I’ve been wanting an action camera for a long time.  I like to Ski, Climb, Shoot, and ride motorcycles and an action camera would be great for all of that stuff.  It was just never the right features, or the right price, or the right mounting.  While browsing Amazon about a week ago I saw a Sena Prism up for sale, new in box for $160.  A great price by any strech and with the outstanding experiences I’ve had with the Sena SMH-10 and the 20s, I thought I’d give it a go.

I know moto vlogging is kind of hot right now and it has an appeal for me, at least in theory.  Get your ideas out to like-minded folks on the rides to and from work, or running errands, or be able to narrate over the top of videos that I take while touring.  This just seems like so much time saved and a so much more interesting view than a talking head sitting at a desk, particularly if you are riding somewhere interesting.  This post isn’t so much about creating the vlog as mounting the camera to the Exo-T1200 and a short test ride to test the noise and microphone characteristics when paired with the 20s.  More in-depth review will be forthcoming after I have ridden with both the helmet and camera for an extended period, but for now here is how you mount her up and how it sounds on the K1600.