When you are on a multi-day road trip storage space is at a premium, particularly if you aren’t on a big touring bike.  For years I rode around the country on Honda Shadows and VTX’s with small saddlebags and no top cases to speak of.  Those bikes didn’t lend themselves well to using tank bags either due to the gauge packages being located on the tanks instead of the handle bars.

With the K1600’s, even though I have plenty of pannier and tour pack space but they aren’t accessible while riding.  I keep things like snacks, gloves, glasses, and battery chargers that I may want to get to at 70mph.  I also keep things like my iPad, medications, lip balm and other small personal items that I can take with me if I leave the bike for a while.  Finally, it is a place where I can put my concealed carry pistol while riding to get easy access while riding.  Motorcycle riding jackets aren’t terribly conducive to hip or shoulder holsters due to their tight fit, so having a place to place your pistol that is relatively easy to get to, and can be removed from the bike and taken with you is an important consideration.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to install the RKA Shiloh tank bag on a K1600GTL.