On my 2013 GTL I used Ilium Works highway pegs mounted to a set of Wunderlich engine guards.  They worked great and I really liked the versatility that the pair gave me with regard to foot position on a long ride.

With the 2016 Exclusive, it came with the BMW engine guards included.  Rather than pulling them off only to install the Wunderlich bars (which I would have gotten again if I didn’t get the exclusive) I decided to give them a chance and combined them with the Ilium Works highway pegs specifically designed to fit the stock BMW guards.  The guards are located quite a distance from the seating position.  You would need to be very tall indeed to reach a foot peg mounted directly to the guard.  To overcome this issue, and to offer adjustable foot positions, Ilium Works made the foot pegs adjustable along an indexed rod that extends rearward towards the drivers position.  This allows for a variety of driver heights and leg lengths.  While I’m not ready to offer a full review at this point, I am providing this installation video so you can see how easy they are to put on.